Javier Soltero

Vice President and General Manager, Google Workspace

Javier Soltero is an entrepreneur and software executive. Most recently, Soltero served as Corporate Vice President for the Cortana digital assistant in Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence product division. While at Microsoft, he held a number of product leadership positions, including for products such as Outlook. Soltero joined Microsoft in 2014 as part of the acquisition of Acompli, a mobile email startup he co-founded and led as CEO. As part of the acquisition, Acompli was launched as Outlook Mobile and has become one of Microsoft’s most successful products in use by over a hundred million people around the world.

Prior to starting Acompli, Javier held senior leadership positions at VMware where he joined after the acquisition of his first company Hyperic. Before Hyperic, Javier held chief architect and senior engineering positions at a number of enterprise software and consumer internet companies including Netscape, where he worked on early internet messaging, application server and e-commerce technologies.

Javier attended Carnegie Mellon University and currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.