Google Cloud Officially Opens New Salt Lake City Cloud Region
PayPal signs multi-year contract with Google Cloud to leverage the all-new Salt Lake City region

Sunnyvale, California — February 27, 2020 — Google Cloud today announced the opening of a new cloud region based in Salt Lake City. The new region, Google Cloud's 22nd globally, will provide fast and reliable cloud services to customers across the Western United States. Google Cloud also today announced that PayPal, a leading technology platform and digital payments company, will migrate key portions of its payments infrastructure to the region. 

“We’re committed to building the most secure, high-performance and scalable public cloud, and we continue to make critical infrastructure investments that deliver our cloud services closer to customers that need them the most,” said Jennifer Chason, Director, Google Cloud Enterprise - Western States & Southern California.

With the Salt Lake City region now open, Google Cloud enterprise customers can gain access to lower latency, enhanced scalability, and better end-user customer experiences. They will also have the flexibility to divide workloads across Western U.S. regions in Los Angeles and Oregon, ensuring reliability at high speeds.

 “When it comes to processing a financial transaction, security and speed count. We are always looking for ways to better serve our customers, and we believe Google Cloud’s offering is the right fit when it comes to providing security, quality and velocity,” said PayPal Vice President, Employee Technology & Experiences and Data Centers, Dan Torunian. “Expanding our relationship with Google Cloud gives us access to new features and capabilities that help us manage seasonal surges in payment transactions and reduce regional expansion costs and complexities.” 

PayPal specifically selected the Salt Lake City region for low-latency access to its own data center, allowing the company to extend its resources into the cloud as its business continues to grow. The move will also help PayPal establish a migration pattern that can be leveraged to quickly transition additional on-prem infrastructure to the cloud in any Google Cloud Platform region.

PayPal currently operates in 200 global markets, with 300 million accounts executing more than $700 billion in payment volume in 2019. The company has a strong technology culture, with engineers releasing close to 20,000 software updates in 2019 alone to provide enhanced services for customers. Its total payment volume has increased by 25% on a year over year basis between 2018 and 2019.

The Salt Lake City region is Google Cloud’s third region in the western United States and sixth region nationwide. 

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