The State of Oklahoma Launches Centralized Data Hub with Google Cloud to Deliver Citizen Services Faster
The state has unified 23 petabytes of data across multiple sources and agencies to create a 360-degree view of assets, financials, and community needs

OKLAHOMA CITY and SUNNYVALE, Calif., Nov. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The State of Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES) today announced it is working with Google Cloud to create a new, centralized data hub that can access and analyze data across multiple agencies. Built on Google Cloud BigQuery, this hub will allow state agencies to more precisely and quickly identify needs and services, roll out targeted social programs faster, and create personalized recommendations that point citizens to the right services.

OMES provides agencies within the State of Oklahoma with a broad range of services, including finance assistance, human resources, property management, and business expertise. Within OMES, each agency has its own repository of data that previously had been siloed and prevented other agencies from cross-referencing data sources.

With its new data hub, OMES can now help agencies find critical connections between sources to better serve its 4 million Oklahomans. For example, the Oklahoma State Department of Education (SDE) can analyze multiple data sources to ensure students in need have enough funding for school lunches, and in the event of an unexpected event that prevents students from attending school, SDE can more easily identify their guardians to receive lunch funding and keep home pantries full.

"Google Cloud is a great strategic partner to us," said Joe McIntosh, Director of Service Delivery, OMES. "For a whole host of the services that we spun out across the state, Google was right there. I think they have what we would consider to be world-class strategy and technology when it comes to data. We did evaluate a number of different vendors. We ultimately landed on Google Cloud because of those reasons."

Delivering insights that state agencies can act on to better serve citizens

In working with Google Cloud to bring OMES' 360-degree data vision to life, the state realized  three key outcomes:

  • Unified 23 petabytes of data across sources and agencies: Using a hub-and-spoke model to pull in data from individual sources, the state unified 23 petabytes of data into one central space for analysis. Agencies across the state can now opt in to share their data in a secure, controlled way, while also adhering to their particular compliance standards.
  • Reduced query times from months to minutes: The openness and flexibility of Google Cloud lets agencies across the state incorporate multiple levels of oversight and compliance to fulfill existing data-sharing agreements, while also cutting data query times from months to minutes. And because Google Cloud is built to open standards, it can easily accommodate existing systems, letting agencies use the processes and tools with which they are already familiar.
  • Enhanced security, standardization, and privacy: With data sitting in different places and adhering to unique standards, ensuring security across systems is a key priority for the state. Standardizing data governance into a single platform on Google Cloud has simplified management, while also boosting security. Now, state officials and staff can manage all the data in the hub to the same standards, and apply compliance where it is needed, while also ensuring that agencies maintain ownership of their own data.

"The State of Oklahoma is taking a holistic, forward-thinking approach toward modernizing its data strategy and connecting all of its different agencies together," said Mike Daniels, VP of Global Public Sector, Google Cloud. "In building this central data hub, Oklahoma will be able to scale for future growth as well, allowing additional agencies to share information quickly and efficiently. We are honored to partner with Oklahoma on this journey."

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