Ninja Van Goes the Extra Mile with Google Cloud to Fulfill Vision of Tech-Enabled, End-to-End Logistics Management for Businesses in Southeast Asia
Extended collaboration will support Ninja Van's strategy for secure and sustainable expansion, while maximizing the potential of its technology talent

SINGAPORE, Feb. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Ninja Van, Southeast Asia's leading logistics provider, is extending its multi-year collaboration with Google Cloud to help businesses seize digital growth opportunities and overcome supply chain disruptions. By running its platform and applications on Google Cloud's scalable, secure and open-source infrastructure, Ninja Van aims to strengthen its leadership in last-mile courier services and expand upstream into supply chain management solutions.

Backed by the likes of Europe's largest parcel delivery network GeoPost / DPDgroup and global investment firm B Capital, Ninja Van has operations in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. It is now the trusted delivery partner for close to two million businesses and handles around two million parcels daily across Southeast Asia. To facilitate onshore or nearshore production and distribution for businesses, Ninja Van recently launched Ninja Direct, a procurement concierge that covers supplier sourcing and management, customs clearance, financing, and shipments tracking.

"Retailers have shifted toward e-commerce strategies as opposed to selling through physical stores, especially with the pandemic forcing consumers to shop online more than ever before. With disruptions to the traditional flow of raw materials and finished goods, there's also an urgent need for adaptive micro supply chains that allow businesses to 'make where they sell' and fulfill orders quicker," said Shaun Chong, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Ninja Van. "We chose Google Cloud because of its proven ability to help us scale reliably and innovate at high velocity, as we address the region's end-to-end logistics management needs."

Freeing Up Talent to Drive Innovation and Impact

Ninja Van consistently evaluates whether it is making efficient use of its technical talent. This means determining how the cloud can empower its 150 engineers, developers and data scientists to build products that add value to the business, instead of spending time managing complex IT infrastructure.

With Google's open cloud approach, Ninja Van's technical teams are free to choose the tools they need to accelerate software development and scale more efficiently – while also reducing technology risk. For instance, by using Google Cloud's open-source data processing platform – which integrates seamlessly with its data scientists' preferred external data visualization tools, Ninja Van's teams can comfortably process terabytes of data daily to support the company's business needs.

To create its NinjaChat chatbot and simulate the quality and immediacy of in-person interactions, Ninja Van's developers turned to Google Cloud's open-source and pre-built virtual agents to bring the feature to life in a month, rather than spend three months building a machine learning framework from scratch.

"From a chatbot that enhances customer experiences to algorithms for fuel-saving route optimization – these are amongst the hundreds of new features released by Ninja Van each day. By automating application deployment and upgrades using Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), our technical teams can avoid engaging in manual backend configurations and stay laser-focused on innovation," said Chong.

"We're actively hiring to bolster our technology teams in the region. Once we have the talent in the door, it makes zero sense to have them recreate code that exists and is ready-to-use, or manually select servers with the right vCPUs or RAM to deploy each application. Google Cloud puts open-source at the center of its solutions, while GKE does a great job at making sure things happen automatically. These allow us to avoid lock-in, reduce costs and truly give our in-house talent the ability to make more meaningful contributions to the business," added Chong.

Security and Zero Downtime to Enable 24/7 Operations

Southeast Asia's e-commerce gross merchandise value is expected to reach US$234 billion by 2025. As Ninja Van continues to help retailers compete in this fast-growing market and expand its services upstream, reliability and data protection remain top priorities.

The demand for Ninja Van's services have grown by three times during the pandemic. Whether it is preparing for major online sales events like Singles' Day, responding to sudden surges in demand because of merchants running ad hoc campaigns, or making thousands of software upgrades each year, Google Cloud's dynamic autoscaling capabilities enable Ninja Van's website and mobile applications to handle 10 times the normal traffic with a smooth user experience, before scaling down to reduce costs when additional computing resources are no longer needed.

"Having benefited from security solutions that are designed by default into Google Cloud's infrastructure, such as end-to-end encryption and automated patching, we will now work with Google Cloud's security specialists on additional ways to reinforce our zero trust security model," said Chong.

"We're proud to have played a part in Ninja Van becoming a leading end-to-end logistics management provider and one of the most admired technology unicorns," said Ruma Balasubramanian, Managing Director, Southeast Asia, Google Cloud. "By investing in world-class talent and relentless innovation, the company is well-positioned to deliver the just-in-time production and distribution capabilities that businesses need to satisfy contemporary consumers' desire for product variety and immediacy. Google Cloud will continue to uphold our high standards in reliability, collaboration, openness and security, as we support Ninja Van's vision of connecting Southeast Asia to a world of commerce possibilities."

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Ninja Van is a leading tech-enabled express logistics company providing supply chain solutions for businesses of all sizes across Southeast Asia. Launched in 2014, Ninja Van started operations in Singapore as a last-mile logistics company. Since then, it has become one of the region's fastest-growing tech logistics companies, powering businesses with innovative solutions that optimize e-commerce opportunities. Today, Ninja Van has grown its network to cover six countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. For more information, visit


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