The Rabbinical Court Collaborates with Google Cloud as part of the Nimbus project

The partnership will accelerate Cloud Transformation and Better Serve Its Citizens

SUNNYVALE, Calif, and JERUSALEM, April 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Google Cloud and Israeli judiciary, The Rabbinical Court announced a collaboration to accelerate its Cloud transformation journey. This new collaboration will see the Rabbinical Court leverage Google Cloud's infrastructure, storage and applications to better serve its Israeli citizens.

Following Google Cloud's win in the Nimbus tender for delivering cloud services to the Israeli government, the Rabbinical Courts migrated most of its workloads to Google Cloud with minimum disruption to the business and with a cost-effective deployment. Google Cloud also needed to design a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution to enable dozens of employees to work in a virtual environment, from home, safely and securely, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Google Cloud has created a partner interconnect with a high level of security that allows the customer to work directly with the VDI stations.

The Rabbinical Courts, the legal Jewish authority in Israel, deals with issues relating to divorce, property, child custody rights, wills, inheritances, confirmation of Jewish status, and conversion. There are 12 regional rabbinical courts throughout the country, with the Jerusalem High Court serving as an appellate court. President of the Rabbinical Court, heads the Great Court and serves as Chief Rabbi of Israel. The organisation is led by a CEO appointed by the Minister of Religious Affairs.

The two organisations will collaborate to:

  • Further enhance citizens' experience: Leveraging many of Google Cloud's products and services—including infrastructure, applications and more—the Courts will drive operational efficiency and create more compelling experiences for its citizens. This Includes helping citizens access the documents they need to seamlessly navigate court proceedings such a divorce.
  • Accelerate cloud transformation: The Courts are using Google Cloud-based infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) products—like storage, networking, and compute—to more rapidly digitise its operations into the cloud.
  • Strengthen the security of citizen data: The Courts are piloting Cloud Identity to help protect organisational data with a wide variety of multi-factor authentication (MFA) verification methods, such as push notifications, Google Authenticator, and phishing-resistant Titan Security Keys—all while ensuring privacy of citizens' data.
  • Maintain and manage databases: The Courts are making use of Google Cloud Structured Query Language that helps the organisation set up, maintain, manage, and administer relational databases on the Google Cloud Platform.
  • WideOps partnership: WideOps has been chosen by Google Cloud to perform the RBC migration. Using Google Cloud native tools, the WideOps expert migration team has managed to migrate the entirety of RBC infrastructure to Google Cloud, while adhering to high architectural and security standards—resulting in a robust, highly available, and secure environment. Due to the seamless deployment process, RBC staff can continue their work with minimal-to-no impact on the end-user experience.

"We are delighted to work with Google Cloud on the next stage of our digital transformation journey," said Chief Information Officer Mr. Uri Aharonson. "We are looking forward to this collaboration to develop applications that will make our services faster and more accessible for our Israeli citizens."

"We are thrilled to start providing services to the Rabbinical Court and improve the lives of Israelis throughout the country,'' said Shay Mor, head of Government and Public Sector, Google Cloud, Israel.

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