Google Cloud Collaborates with Lyve to Power its Logistics Platform and Transform Last-mile Delivery Solutions
Lyve processes millions of orders across 15 countries on monthly basis, through its SAAS (software as a service) platform built on Google Cloud

Dubai, UAE – March 21, 2022 – Google Cloud has announced today the collaboration with Lyve,  a global logistics solutions and technology company, that is transforming last mile delivery solutions in the UAE and beyond. The collaboration enables Lyve to operate a digital SAAS platform built on Google Cloud, that connects businesses with partners and customers and facilitates running their entire supply chain smoothly and efficiently.

Lyve connects businesses with their partners and customers through a patented cloud-based logistics platform and digital transformation innovations that facilitate millions of orders every month. The company has created an ecosystem of digital products which fulfill the requirements of online businesses at any point throughout the last-mile journey.

Lyve’s digital platform and flagship service is built from the ground up on Google Cloud. With its flexible pricing, agile pay-as-you-go model, and managed solutions that automatically scale with Lyve’s business needs, Google Cloud gives Lyve fast access to a set of high-quality and reliable services that ensure efficiency and security on the cleanest cloud in the industry. Through the use of Kubernetes, CloudSQL, and Firebase, service delivery speed and quality are all enhanced.

Establishing their entire back-end on Google Cloud enables Lyve to focus on nurturing their customers and partners businesses, without having to be concerned about the core system infrastructure and the disadvantages associated with an on-premise set up. Lyve’s customers also benefit from running their logistics operations smoothly on the digital platform, giving them the opportunity to focus on expanding and driving further growth to their businesses.

Within Lyve’s digital platform on Google Cloud, customer satisfaction is embedded as a top priority for the business as it provides real-time updates on delivery times, and dispatches drivers with multiple orders within nearby locations to ensure items are delivered on time and in one trip. 

Tarek Khalil, Director of Middle East and North Africa, Google Cloud said: “ Google Cloud offers industry tailored solutions to help customers digitally transform their business. Google Cloud’s collaboration with Lyve is an exciting opportunity to work within the logistics sector in the Middle East region, which is a very dynamic and fast-moving industry that has a huge impact on the global economy. The role of cloud in improving the speed and efficiency of services comes to the forefront in this particular business model, and we are pleased to be able to support Lyve in ensuring their customers have access to a seamless delivery service.”

George Chogovadze, Chief Technology Officer, Lyve added: "Our goal is to make it easy for our customers to provide a faster, more accurate, and interactive delivery platform. We take care of the logistics side of things, leaving them to focus on their core business".

Lyve also uses Google Workspace which allows employees to connect, collaborate and work remotely across 15 countries. Google Workspace also enables Lyve to hire talent from anywhere in the world without a restriction to location, and most importantly, ensures that company data is stored securely on Google Cloud, without risking any possible data breaches.

For more information on how Lyve uses Google Cloud to power its business, read the case study here.

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