Google Cloud and Snap Inc. Expand Partnership to Power Growth and Innovation for Snapchat

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Oct. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Google Cloud today announced an expanded partnership with Snap Inc. (Snap) that will involve the company using Google's data, analytics, and AI/ML technologies to power growth for Snapchat. Built on a more than ten-year partnership, Snap will expand its use of Google Cloud to transform the customer experience and deliver more personalized solutions.

"We're excited to be doubling down on the work we're doing with Google Cloud to power Snapchat," said Saral Jain, Senior Director Engineering at Snap, Inc. "Through our partnership, we have the ability to offer best in class scalability and flexibility that allows us to offer new experiences and the latest innovations to our global customer base."

Snap's implementation of a multicloud strategy has demonstrated how a startup can leverage public clouds to drive cost efficiency, accelerate innovation, and its capability to help a business scale and grow. Operating at lightning speed and massive scale are key attributes that enable Snap to support the company's global community of 347 million daily active users.

Snap is expanding its use of Google Cloud's data cloud services and critical artificial intelligence/machine learning technology (AI/ML). These data services provide Snap the capabilities to gather, quantify, and develop insights about its community, eco-system, and B2B partner network; while Google Cloud's AI/ML service, Vertex AI, enables Snap to focus on its core business.

Snap's visual messaging app, Snapchat, is one of the world's most popular apps. In 2011, the Snapchat platform was created on Google Cloud to provide an architecture that has allowed Snap to focus on its core strengths—building out its platform and ecosystem to attract users and business partners at scale and speed.

As Snap Inc. continues to grow its daily active users at an 18% rate in Q2 2022, Google Cloud will support Snap's needs to not only ensure the application infrastructure can scale to reach its global daily active users efficiently, but also power the infrastructure to continue to provide the experiences that Snap is well known for. To support this growth, Google Cloud's team continues to help guide the Snap team to make thoughtful decisions based on cost, innovation, availability and capacity, and performance and flexibility.

"Snap operates in a highly competitive environment and must continually innovate, create new products, and enhance existing products," said Kirsten Kliphouse, President, Google Cloud. "We're proud that Google Cloud will continue to be Snap's valued partner as it works to attract, retain, and grow its global community."

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