Lean Business Services Advances Healthcare Offerings with Google Cloud Technologies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Lean enables more than 24,000 medical institutions with the digital infrastructure that provides seamless access to medical services and records managed and secured using Google Apigee—saving time for doctors and patients in an industry where every second counts.

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Feb.7, 2023 - Google Cloud announced today at LEAP23  a new collaboration with Lean Business Services, the leading provider of innovative health solutions that works on digitalizing the Saudi health ecosystem. Lean built a digital foundation for medical institutions in the Kingdom on Google Apigee—Google Cloud’s solution that helps leading companies design, secure, and scale application programming interfaces (APIs).

As more people began to use telemedicine in the Kingdom, Lean needed a way to authenticate medical institutions and individuals for online access to secure healthcare services. The company turned to Google Cloud to build the digital infrastructure required to create a seamless authentication process among health care institutions. The company also set up APIs on top of which medical institutions could build services to provide authenticated healthcare services to patients.

Lean runs more than 4,000 APIs on Apigee; the APIs are translated into medical service requests that generate digital reports such as a sick leave services, marital medical examination, medical reports to issue residency, vaccination, prescriptions, and more. It also leveraged Apigee to build the digital foundation for four national healthcare registries that authenticate doctors, patients, medical institutions, and transactions.

Lean benefits from Apigee’s secure and scalable platform to run multiple healthcare applications seamlessly, making vaccination records and individual medical history easily accessible. The company introduced several healthcare applications that are widely used by patients and doctors across the kingdom for their everyday healthcare needs.

  • Heem is an API marketplace that aims to serve the digital health market.
  • Sehhaty stores an individual’s medical records so that it is all present at their fingertips.
  • Anat is an application used by doctors and healthcare practitioners to communicate, attend workshops, and stay updated on their medical licenses.
  • RSD acts like an online repository of medicine and helps patients identify the closest pharmacy where medicine can be found based on their address or location in the Kingdom.

Fahd Al Saawi, Chief Data Officer, Lean Business Services said: “In digital healthcare quick access and scalability to data and information is important and at Lean we are keen to provide the health sector in the Kingdom with highly efficient scalable solutions utilizing technologies and data. We process through our platforms and services requests in milliseconds collaborating with Google Apigee as Lean runs more than 4000 APIs. In 2022, Lean processed a total of 9.89 billion API requests on Apigee, supporting the journey of transformation in the health sector in Saudi Arabia and enables more than 24,000 health institutions with the digital infrastructure that provides seamless access to health services and records that are securely exchanged on Apigee."

Moreover, Lean created an API that links vaccination records to a national registry that stores individual vaccination records. Medical institutions around the Kingdom are able to have access to a national vaccination registry built on this API, that they now use to log and track vaccination history of patients. The system also helps ensure children receive necessary vaccinations on time.

Lean also turned to Apigee to create the Unified Healthcare Records for the Kingdom. This is a centralized platform that securely logs individual medical history, and where doctors can easily access an overview of that information. Having records that detail past medical history helps healthcare providers ensure the right healthcare is extended to patients in Saudi based on their history.

Abdulrahman Al Thehaiban, Managing Director of Middle East, Turkey and Africa at Google Cloud, added: “Google Apigee supports the seamless flow of data in healthcare, all under one platform, and that can ultimately save lives. Together with Lean, we are enabling more medical institutions across the Kingdom to embark on their own digital transformation journeys.”

Today, doctors in Saudi Arabia are able to fully dedicate their time to their patients and hospitals can keep accurate patient records with the help of the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning solutions available as an add - on feature requested by Apigee. These solutions provide the doctors with speech to text and document to text features, which helps them spend less time typing patient summary notes. Instead, hospitals can send the handwritten notes to Lean where an API is generated on Apigee to summarize the text, classify it into data that is properly coded, and is sent back to the hospital and saved in each patients’ clinical records.

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