EMPG Group Drives Data Security Enhancements Across its Businesses with Google Workspace
EMPG migrated all of its subsidiaries in six months, including dubizzle, Bayut, and OLX, to Google Workspace’s “single sign-on” access feature, safeguarding data for 6,000 employees.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, February 15, 2023 - Today, Google Cloud announced that EMPG, one of the largest companies providing online classifieds services in emerging markets, will be using Google Workspace to push data security enhancements across its entire business. The collaboration leverages Google Workspace to provide EMPG’s staff, including at their popular classified portals such as dubizzle, Bayut, OLX (in the GCC, Egypt and Pakistan), and Zameen.com, with the latest security solutions that keep internal and company data secure and accessible across all 13 countries where EMPG operates.

Staff and company data secured with end-to-end encryption
As part of a recent security push across EMPG, the company moved all of its automated workloads to Google Workspace. Previously, different teams within EMPG across 13 countries relied on different platforms to store data, which posed a significant challenge for security and ease of cross-functional collaboration.

EMPG also set out to make access to data more secure for staff by rolling out end-to-end encryption features across all of its applications, leveraging Google Workspace’s data loss prevention (DLP) suite of solutions.  This enabled staff to access their business accounts from various locations and several devices in the new hybrid work environment. The company also implemented Google endpoint management to help protect internal data when staff access their business accounts from various devices that are not company-owned or linked to their offices’ IP addresses. The collaboration also helps staff keep data secure in the event of getting locked out from a device or actual physical loss of the device.

Single tenant sign-on access
As EMPG deployed Google Workspace company-wide, it introduced a Google Cloud Identity account for each of its staff, which provided single sign-on to their business accounts, company services, and applications. This feature streamlines access to applications used regularly by staff, helping them avoid the hassle of remembering their account details every time they need access to an account or device. This feature also enables unified access for staff to documents and files that are securely stored on the shared drive. Employees can now store data in a more efficient manner that helps their colleagues access information quickly and easily, improving overall productivity. 

Previously, EMPG had a lot of duplicate accounts, as staff lacked a unified platform that centralized access to their work assets with tools they can use for their day-to-day tasks, such as Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, and more. With the help of Google Workspace, EMPG consolidated duplicate accounts into a single source account for each staff member, and a secure Cloud Identity account was provided for each employee across the entire group. The consolidation ensured that employees could benefit from the full potential of Google Workspace’s collaboration and productivity tools.

Adrian Buda, EMPG’s Head of Business IT said:“We aim to provide the best possible workplace experience for EMPG users across all sites, and that is enabled by seamless and secure access to the day-to-day productivity tools and data they need. EMPG is a large and dynamic company with diverse requirements, and we found in Google Cloud and SoftwareONE the right partners to help us in this journey towards a modernized workplace. All staff today leverage Google Workspace to securely share ideas and participate in projects, which in turn has resulted in better experience and productivity all around.”

Pierre Daher, Head of Google Workspace, EMEA South and Emerging Markets said: “Dubizzle, Bayut, and OLX have all become household names in the United Arab Emirates and the wider MENA region. As EMPG expanded into more markets since its inception, its team grew across several geographies, and with this growth it became increasingly important for the company to store data securely on one unified platform. Google Workspace has helped EMPG staff collaborate easily and productively in a highly secure environment.”

Employee productivity and collaboration
Staff at EMPG turn to Google Drive to securely store internal documents, which helps them more easily and securely share access to the latter across the company.  This type of expanded accessibility has opened the door for greater collaboration among different teams, leading to a 50 percent enhancement in productivity for group-wide cross country led projects.

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