CAPCOM and Google Cloud Team Up to Strengthen the Reliability of Live Service Game Launches for Millions of Players Globally

Starting with the successful launch of Street Fighter 6, CAPCOM is harnessing Google Cloud's scalable and secure infrastructure to support its expansive player base

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Aug. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Google Cloud today announced a new collaboration with CAPCOM in which the leading game developer, publisher, and distributor is leveraging Google Cloud's secure and scalable infrastructure to deliver performant and secure game launches around the globe.

The long-term success of a live service game is often determined by the success of its launch. Network issues that prevent players from accessing the game should be the least of a game company's concerns. With Google Cloud, CAPCOM is able to handle live game workloads at planet-scale while ensuring that gameplay is always consistent and reliable around the world.

The companies' collaboration is already showing early success with the latest title in CAPCOM's storied Street Fighter series, Street Fighter 6, which has sold more than two million units worldwide since its launch earlier this year. The critically acclaimed game relies on Google's secure network and auto-scaling capabilities of Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and Cloud Spanner. These products help ensure players get seamless access to online and multiplayer components of Street Fighter, such as the game's Battle Lounge and Custom Rooms. Recognized as one of the best ways to handle live game computing at massive scale, GKE helps ensure that players can quickly and easily find a nearby server to connect to, regardless of their locations.

"With Street Fighter 6, CAPCOM is taking a revolutionary new look at fighting games that entertain new and returning players alike. It was critical that the launch of the latest title in the acclaimed Street Fighter series made a flawless first impression," said Shinichi Inoue, Vice President, Engineering, CAPCOM. "Working with Google Cloud ensured a seamless, scalable, and secure launch that enabled us to host over a hundred thousand players at once."

"At Google Cloud, we believe that a game's success should be dependent on the strength of the game's enjoyment, not limited to the strength of its infrastructure," said Jack Buser, Director of Games, Google Cloud. "By bringing the best of Google to game developers around the world, we support CAPCOM's mission to create unforgettable gameplay experiences that stay in the hearts and minds of players for generations to come."

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