AI21 Labs Collaborates with Google Cloud to Integrate Generative AI Capabilities with BigQuery

Leading AI research startup, running on Google Cloud's AI/ML infrastructure, to bring industry-specific generative AI capabilities to BigQuery

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Aug. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Google Cloud today announced a new collaboration with AI21 Labs, an Israeli startup that fundamentally changes the way people read and write using generative AI and large language models (LLMs). AI21 Labs is leveraging Google Cloud's purpose-built AI/ML infrastructure to speed its model training and inferencing, and is also one of the first partners to offer generative AI features on top of BigQuery.

As a result of AI21 Labs' and Google Cloud's collaboration, customers can now use BigQuery connectors and functions to natively integrate several industry-specific generative AI capabilities. For example, retail customers can now use generative task-specific APIs for creating product descriptions or extracting insights from customer reviews, while financial services companies could use them to quickly analyze reports.

AI21 Labs has deployed Google Cloud's home-grown AI supercomputers, Tensor Processor Units (TPUs), for training and serving its advanced LLMs. By leveraging Google Cloud TPUs, AI21 Labs can take advantage of the same custom-designed, machine-learning infrastructure that powers many Google products. In combination with Cloud TPUs, AI21 Labs also benefits from Google Cloud's extensive portfolio of GPU VMs, including the recently announced A3 VMs powered by NVIDIA H100 GPUs. Google Cloud's open approach to AI development and leadership in custom silicon equips AI21 Labs with a more seamless experience rooted in its scalable, secure, and stable infrastructure.

"Google Cloud's vast portfolio of impressive AI hardware is why we chose to work with the company, and we're proud to now double down on expanding our generative AI solutions alongside them," said Ori Goshen, Co-CEO and co-founder, AI21 Labs. "Our partnership with Google Cloud has had a profound effect on our work to advance the possibilities of artificial intelligence and natural language processing, and today's news of our deepened collaboration marks an important step forward in that journey."

"AI21 Labs is a leading generative AI startup that is taking advantage of the incredible performance that Google Cloud's leading infrastructure offers," said Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud. "Our new BigQuery integrations are a great example of how we are working together to bring the value of generative AI to businesses in every industry."

To explore LLM-based capabilities from AI21 Labs, visit its website. To learn more about the AI/ML infrastructure powering AI21 Labs, visit

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