MSCI Expands Partnership with Google Cloud to Accelerate Generative AI Solutions for the Investment Industry
New generative AI-enabled solutions from MSCI, powered by Google Cloud, will help investors identify and manage risk and opportunities, fuel innovation, and speed decision making

New York – August 29, 2023 – MSCI Inc. (NYSE: MSCI), a leading provider of critical decision

support tools and services for the global investment community, today announced an expansion of its partnership with Google Cloud to accelerate the development of generative AI (gen AI) solutions for the investment industry. Powered by Google Cloud’s gen AI platform Vertex AI and climate technology including BigQuery Geospatial and Earth Engine, the solutions will help MSCI clients better manage portfolio risks and opportunities and make informed investment decisions.

The partnership will focus on three key areas:

  • Risk Signals: MSCI will combine its proprietary data and analytics with Google’s Cloud’s gen AI solutions to provide an overview of portfolio and enterprise level risk designed to significantly reduce the time clients need to analyze and arrive at actionable insights. This solution will help portfolio and risk managers more easily synthesize and rapidly act on significant volumes of risk signals from their portfolios, while also fostering greater collaboration between risk and portfolio management teams to build more resilient portfolios.  
  • Conversational AI: Google Cloud’s gen AI will also power MSCI’s new conversational AI solution for its portfolio and risk management solutions. This capability will use natural language processing to simulate human language and generate responses that can enable clients to quickly answer questions and surface information about their portfolios and MSCI data, models, and solutions.
  • Climate Generative AI: MSCI and Google Cloud will work together to leverage Google’s gen AI technologies to help investors measure and manage portfolio exposure to climate risk and identify low carbon investment opportunities. With these advanced AI technologies, MSCI will make it easier for investors to identify, synthesize, and communicate the broad range of climate exposures across asset classes.

“The AI revolution has led to rising expectations among companies and investors, who want faster access to higher-quality data, analytics, and actionable insights,” said Henry Fernandez, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, MSCI. “Expanding our partnership with Google Cloud will help MSCI address these needs while keeping us at the forefront of advanced data technologies. It will also help us provide new solutions for investors working to decarbonize their portfolios.”

"The investment industry has long been fueled by AI and machine learning, which MSCI has been using for years. However, advancement in generative AI has jump-started a revolution in our industry," added Jigar Thakkar, Chief Technology Officer, MSCI. “We are excited to collaborate with Google Cloud to accelerate the development of generative AI solutions, which will aim to offer investors deeper data-driven insights, enhanced decision-making capabilities, and accelerated portfolio implementation. With the power of generative AI and LLMs, we are advancing towards our commitment to help investors build better portfolios with enhanced insights.”

“Generative AI is driving the next evolution of financial services as investment professionals look for better and faster ways to monitor portfolios, generate new insights, and scale the speed of decision-making,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud. “Our partnership with MSCI to build generative AI-powered solutions will not only help risk and portfolio management teams better collaborate and unlock insights, but also will enable MSCI’s clients to build more climate-resilient portfolios."

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