Gymshark Plans Accelerated Global Growth with Google Cloud AI
  • Partnership will involve Gymshark using Google Cloud's data analytics and AI tools to improve customer experiences during November's Black Friday sales event and beyond
  • The fitness retail leader will explore key generative AI use cases to further enhance its personalisation and relevance to the Gymshark community

LONDON, Oct. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, at Google Cloud Next London 2023, Gymshark, the fitness community and apparel brand, announced that it has selected Google Cloud to support the next phase of its digital growth. Gymshark will use Google Cloud's technology to enhance its data analytics capabilities, improve customer experiences, and drive innovation and growth with generative AI.

To support its growth strategy and expansion into new territories, Gymshark needed to become more targeted in its decision making, and its incumbent data management and analytics solutions had become outdated. Gymshark will now take advantage of Google Cloud's best-in-class data warehousing and analytics suite, real-time analytics, and AI and machine learning tools to help the company provide unique and more personalised experiences for its customers all over the world.

Gymshark will also experiment with various generative AI use cases, leveraging Google Cloud's AI platform, Vertex AI. This will include the creation of new expert assistants that will guide consumers through the product selection process. Or supercharging the Gymshark training app to be able to seamlessly record activities via text and dynamically provide new insights to help customers reach their fitness goals.

In the coming months, Google Cloud, together with partner Deloitte, will support Gymshark with multiple data-centric initiatives, including:

  • Enhancing customer experiences during this year's Black Friday shopping season by improving the breadth, relevance, and availability of its offering to customers.
  • Accelerating growth by equipping Gymshark with a highly scalable, flexible, and performant technology stack, future-proofing its IT requirements.
  • Optimising internal operations and supply chains with technology that will ultimately become ground truth for the entire business, enabling more granular and time-relevant insights, enhanced decision making, and forecasting capabilities.
  • Driving innovation with Google Cloud's Vertex AI, which will help turbo-charge Gymshark's innovation work streams and create new competitive differentiation in products, such as its new training app.

Gymshark will also use Google Cloud's BigQuery to replace the central repository of all data, as well as Looker—a unified business intelligence platform—as its visualisation and reporting tool.

"We are proud to work with a British-grown company and to be part of Gymshark's global growth journey. With our technology, the Gymshark team is now equipped to go from digital native to data native and unlock transformative experiences for customers all over the world," says Helen Kelisky, Managing Director, Google Cloud, UKI.

"We have come a long way since founding Gymshark 11 years ago, and we are ready for this partnership to kickstart the next phase of our transformation and future growth. Data is at the heart of this evolution, and with the help of Google Cloud's game-changing technology and data analytics experts, we are certain that we will be able to reach our goals and remain a leader in this competitive industry," said Ben Francis, CEO and Founder of Gymshark.

About Gymshark

Gymshark are the conditioning* brand. We create the tools that help everyone become their personal best, whether it's the clothing we sweat in, the content we find inspiration in or the community we find belonging in. Our legacy was built in the weight room in Birmingham, UK in 2012, but these days our family stands at over 17 million people across over 180 countries, driven by our purpose to unite the entire conditioning community. Because in a world of faster, stronger, fitter, better, we're the first to ask, what about together?*

●  Conditioning is everything we do today to prepare for tomorrow.

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