Pendo and Google Cloud Partner to Transform Product Management with Generative AI Capabilities and Training
Pendo will leverage Vertex AI throughout its application experience platform to power exponentially better digital experiences for customers

RALEIGH, N.C.; SUNNYVALE, Calif.; and LISBON, Portugal–Nov. 14, 2023–Pendo, the leader in application experience management, today announced an expanded partnership with Google Cloud to leverage its generative AI (gen AI) capabilities across the Pendo One platform. Pendo will integrate with Vertex AI to provide product teams and application owners with features that accelerate product discovery, improve product-led growth and retention campaigns, and provide personalized app experiences to their users.

“Google Cloud has been a critical partner for us since the earliest days of Pendo, and they continue to help us drive innovation for our customers,” said Todd Olson, CEO and co-founder of Pendo. “With gen AI fueling features across our platform, we can eliminate tedious manual work and help product teams make smarter decisions to drive outcomes for their end users.”

“Generative AI can have a major impact helping product teams more effectively develop digital experiences for their customers,” said Stephen Orban, VP of Migrations, ISVs, and Marketplace at Google Cloud. “Our partnership with Pendo will give product managers new tools that enable them to rapidly create in-app guides and analyze user engagement, saving resources that can be used to improve product roadmaps and build new features.”

Improving application experiences with Vertex AI

Vertex AI will be a critical component of Pendo AI, the company’s long-term roadmap to enhance every part of the platform with artificial intelligence. Through the integration, Pendo will apply Google Cloud’s large language models to significantly improve workflows for some of the most common and time-consuming processes facing product managers. New use cases in Pendo One include:

  • AI-powered in-app guide creation: Users can now jumpstart the in-app guide creation process by auto-generating a guide and guide steps with just a few clicks. For example, a product manager at a financial services company could easily create, edit, and launch a set of in-app messages to drive users to new features, applying insights from Pendo to help mitigate common issues and points of friction.
  • Content summarization and copy editing: Users can now utilize a gen AI-powered writing assistant that enables them to summarize, expand on, and copy edit in-app guide content using the tone of their choice. For example, a product marketer could generate copy for an in-app guide campaign based on the content and tone of existing marketing campaigns.
  • Enhanced user feedback analysis: Users can now streamline analysis by applying gen AI to extract key themes from Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey responses, along with feedback from customers and internal stakeholders. For example, a product manager at a consumer business could quickly analyze and summarize user feedback after recent navigation changes to their mobile app, enabling the manager to prioritize a product roadmap that optimizes the experience and supports business goals.

Pendo deepens its use of Google Cloud

The power of Pendo AI is in its massive product usage data set, which includes 16 trillion clicks, swipes, poll responses, feedback requests and guide views, collected by permission on behalf of more than 10,000 companies that use Pendo. More than 20 billion of these data points are generated every day by the 800+ million people who use applications that run Pendo. Pendo AI leverages proprietary, customer-specific models built by Pendo’s machine learning team on top of Vertex AI, Google Cloud’s unified AI platform, to identify trends, and generate and summarize content based on each customer’s own data.

For much of the last decade, Pendo has used Google Cloud’s enterprise data warehouse to store and process its troves of product usage data. By expanding this partnership to leverage gen AI, Pendo can continue to adhere to all applicable data privacy and security laws and uphold its AI principles, which include never to co-mingle customers’ data or use customer data to train AI tools.

To help product teams leverage gen AI, Pendo and Google Cloud have also partnered with Mind the Product, the world’s largest community of product managers, to launch a free “AI for Product Management” training. The three-hour online course is designed for product managers and others who want to learn how to utilize AI in their product development practices.

Pendo announced the expanded partnership at Web Summit, the world’s premier tech conference, hosted in Lisbon, Portugal, November 13-16, 2023. Attendees can stop by the Pendo booth to demo the new GenAI-powered features and register for the course.

Learn more about Pendo AI here and register for the course here.

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