Google Cloud and HashiCorp Extend Partnership to Advance Product Offerings with Generative AI

HashiCorp and Google Cloud will launch new product capabilities powered by Vertex AI and add support for Duet AI to help enhance automation workflows for developers

SAN FRANCISCO and SUNNYVALE, Calif., Dec. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Google Cloud and HashiCorp, Inc. (Nasdaq: HCP) today announced an expansion of their partnership to build and deliver functional generative AI to enhance automation and accelerate the cloud transformation efforts of their mutual customers. The two companies will work together to launch new AI-powered features across HashiCorp's product suite, built using Vertex AI.

Google Cloud's Vertex AI platform helps customers discover, customize, augment, deploy, and manage their AI projects. Through the partnership, Google Cloud will become a preferred AI provider for HashiCorp. HashiCorp intends to use Vertex AI to develop new interfaces for joint customers to help them use natural language commands and automate common tasks, including dashboard and insight development. In addition, the two companies plan to train new AI models tuned specifically for HashiCorp customers' common use cases.

Also today, the companies announced that HashiCorp will add support for Google Cloud's Duet AI for Developers, helping to train Duet AI with product information on Terraform to provide assistance writing configurations and automating infrastructure.

HashiCorp and Google Cloud have a long-standing partnership, working closely together to deliver innovation and value to mutual customers, including Deutsche Bank,, and Vodafone. This expanded relationship demonstrates the commitment Google Cloud and HashiCorp have to support mutual customers with new offerings and capabilities to help them more easily achieve their cloud goals and extract the most value from their cloud programs.

"Already, many enterprise customers utilize HashiCorp and Google Cloud together. This collaboration will bring new generative AI capabilities to these joint customers, helping them accelerate their AI journeys," said Gabe Monroy, Vice President, Product Management at Google Cloud. "With Google Cloud AI and HashiCorp's developer tools, we can help cloud developers streamline and automate many of their most common workflows and tasks, and we'll partner closely to develop and bring to market new AI-powered capabilities across the HashiCorp portfolio."

"We are thrilled to collaborate closely with Google Cloud to integrate Vertex AI and Duet AI into the HashiCorp portfolio to deliver new benefits for our shared customers," said Armon Dadgar, CTO and co-founder at HashiCorp. "Terraform is the most widely used IaC tool, used by organizations around the globe, including Google. This partnership will strengthen Terraform's compatibility with AI solutions, empowering developers to focus more on creating and delivering innovative solutions, and less on underlying infrastructure operations."

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