Telkomsel Transforms its Operations and Product Offerings with Google Cloud's Enterprise-Ready Gen AI to Create Added Value for Employees and Customers
New initiatives to integrate Google Cloud AI into Telkomsel's platforms strengthen existing strategic collaborations between Telkomsel and Google

Barcelona, Spain, and Jakarta, Indonesia, Feb. 28, 2024 – At Mobile World Congress 2024 (MWC), Telkomsel today announced a strategic collaboration with Google Cloud to integrate enterprise-grade generative AI (gen AI) into its operations and core product offerings for consumers and businesses. This latest collaboration builds on Telkomsel’s ongoing utilization of Google's AI-powered advertising tools, such as Performance Max, with the aim of transforming its employee and customer interactions, enhancing overall user satisfaction, and driving business growth.

Derrick Heng, Chief Marketing Officer, Telkomsel, said: “To deliver innovative connectivity solutions and services that empower Indonesians, Telkomsel, as Indonesia's leading digital telecommunications service provider, is committed to enhancing its internal operations and delivering hyper-personalized and seamless digital customer experiences across its B2C, B2B, and B2B2C segments. Telkomsel hopes to unlock more opportunities for accelerating Indonesia's economic and digital ecosystem growth through its integrations with Google Cloud’s advanced, secure-by-default, and private-by-design gen AI capabilities in 2024, as well as its continued collaborations with Google Ads, Android, and YouTube.”

Gen AI-powered, real-time operations and assistance for employees

With support from PT Metrodata Electronics (Metrodata), a Google Cloud partner, Telkomsel is elevating the employee experience with gen AI. Utilizing Google Cloud's Vertex AI platform and foundation models, Telkomsel is building and integrating a gen AI-powered conversational agent into the MOANA (Mobile Office Application and Automation) app, its operations hub for more than 6,000 employees.

This conversational agent will offer employees real-time support and on-demand guidance—with embedded links to relevant information sources, helping them reclaim significant time spent navigating the app to get up to speed on internal news and company policies, perform HR-related tasks like requesting for leave, and access various other internal services. It is expected to boost employee satisfaction and productivity, and free up Telkomsel’s HR team to focus on core responsibilities like talent development and workplace culture.

Additionally, Telkomsel is transforming its network planning, product development, and sales team capabilities with gen AI-driven network operations supported by Google Cloud. This solution, which analyzes data from cellular towers and fiber optic systems to provide recommendations in natural language, can be used to more easily and quickly identify locations with connectivity gaps for future network infrastructure expansion and design Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) offerings tailored to customer needs and segments.

Transforming customer interactions across channels with gen AI

Further advancing its commitment to delivering customer-centric products and services, Telkomsel is integrating its enterprise databases—stored in Google Cloud BigQuery and Datastore—with Vertex AI Search to build sophisticated gen AI-powered search assistants for users of its MyTelkomsel and myEnterprise apps. These assistants offer intuitive auto-completion, natural language understanding, and search results tailored to individual usage patterns.

Built with the support of Google Cloud partner Devoteam, MyTelkomsel's new search assistant turns rigid keyword searches into quick conversational exploration. With this capability, users will gain greater control and save time navigating the app as it allows for quicker resolution of their needs and common issues.

For its corporate clients, the search assistant on myEnterprise turns a centralized knowledge hub into an intelligent helpdesk, enabling B2B customers to proactively manage their accounts and make faster decisions. Built with support from Metrodata, this assistant helps them discover optimal mobile plans for their workforce, spot cost-saving opportunities, instantly compare product options, and troubleshoot connectivity issues.

Leveraging Google Cloud infrastructure and the Gemini models on Vertex AI, Telkomsel is also developing a new gen AI-powered content management system for RCS Business Messaging (RBM) services. Integrated with Telkomsel MyAds, this system will enable corporate clients to replace traditional text-based SMS marketing with interactive Rich Communication Services (RCS) conversations fueled by text, image, audio, and video content.

Mark Micallef, Managing Director, Southeast Asia, Google Cloud, said: “Telkomsel is moving at impressive speed and scale to make enterprise-grade gen AI accessible and useful to its employees and customers. It is driving productivity, personalization, and top-line growth by enabling people to comprehend information and find solutions to problems in highly intuitive ways. We are excited to continue collaborating with Telkomsel to launch gen AI innovations for its customers across segments and exploring more ways to apply the technology for real-world impact.”

Telkomsel’s collaboration with Google Cloud in gen AI complements its existing partnerships with other Google product teams to enhance its IndiHome FMC offering with Android TV set top boxes, expand the reach of other offerings through personalized ads on Android TV, and increase the variety of digital lifestyle offerings available through MyTelkomsel—such as various data bundles with Google Play Pass or YouTube Premium for consumers, with direct carrier billing for greater convenience.

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