Magentus selects Google Cloud to Help Relieve Healthcare’s Administrative Burden and Boost Patient Outcomes with Generative AI

The global leader in clinical services will use generative AI to reduce time and manual labor needed to turn complex data sets into valuable insights for clinicians and patients

Sydney, Australia, March 6, 2024 — Magentus, a global healthcare technology leader, has selected Google Cloud to develop generative AI (gen AI) solutions that help medical specialists safely maximize the value in their vast amounts of clinical data.

Under the agreement, Magentus is building a centralized and secure foundation for customer data on Google Cloud, which will make it easier for clinicians to access the information they need quickly. Magentus will then help medical professionals leverage Google Cloud’s gen AI solutions and large-language models (LLMs) like Gemini and MedLM (a family of foundation models fine-tuned for the healthcare industry) to radically simplify how they extract insights from complex, often unstructured medical data – including clinical notes, observations, and other written records saved in multiple file formats. This will ultimately assist with patient diagnoses, treatments, and outcomes at scale. Such data extraction can typically involve up to thousands of hours of skills-intensive labor when performed manually or with bespoke programs; however, with gen AI tools, this now will only take minutes for Magentus to process exponentially larger volumes of information.

“We know that greater access to the highest quality data benefits every aspect of healthcare, from patients and staff on the frontline to those driving life-saving research and developing new treatments,” said Mark McConnell, Magentus Group CEO. “However the healthcare industry faces chronic challenges in how operators derive value from clinical data, and doing so typically requires huge amounts of manual labor in an environment that’s long been struggling with skills shortages. Google Cloud’s gen AI capabilities, including LLMs fine-tuned for healthcare industry use cases, allow us to bypass those resource shortages at scale, unlocking the opportunities that healthcare providers can gain from the complex clinical datasets they already entrust to Magentus’ care.”

Magentus will also explore the use of Google Cloud’s Vertex AI for content generation, including virtual assistants to capture observations and draft communications like referral letters for clinicians to edit and approve. “Medical professionals are under constant pressure to do more with less, and gen AI offers huge potential for doing so in both processing and creating information,” said Mark McConnell.

Holistic treatment for accessible digital health

Magentus will work with customers on a wide range of use cases to help them leverage their own data, drawing on Google Cloud’s Healthcare API to robustly de-identify and standardize clinical data in line with global healthcare standards like HIPAA and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), and in support of regional requirements such as HIPAA compliance in the United States.

Magentus will also work with existing pathology, oncology, and radiology customers to help them seamlessly and securely integrate data with third-party systems via Google Cloud’s Apigee API management platform. This common data foundation then allows clinicians, with the help of AI, to gain an increasingly comprehensive picture of patient health.

“The interoperability offered by Google Cloud, coupled with its commitment to the health industry’s stringent standards in cybersecurity, privacy and data protection, resonated strongly with Magentus’ vision for a truly end-to-end digital healthcare ecosystem with trust at its core,” said Stuart Behncken, Magentus Head of Data Management. “As part of our global partnership to unlock the value of clinical data, delivering our digital services via Google Cloud will bring us much closer to not only achieving more integrated diagnostics and treatment for patients, but also expanding that end-to-end experience into new markets seeking to optimize patient care and health outcomes.”

“Magentus’ decades-long market leadership in clinical data management across multiple healthcare disciplines puts it in a unique position to unify the digital healthcare experience with the help of gen AI,” said Aashima Gupta, Director, Healthcare Solutions, Google Cloud. “With Google Cloud, Magentus can translate the company’s historic successes in the United Kingdom and Australasia into even larger global reach for the support they offer, without compromising their reputation for trusted healthcare innovation that our industry-aligned solutions further reinforce.”

Google Cloud’s responsible approach to data governance and privacy ensures only Magentus controls

access and use of patient data, in alignment with its customer’s consents. In healthcare settings, access and use of patient data is protected through the implementation of Google Cloud’s reliable infrastructure and secure data storage that support HIPAA compliance, along with each customer’s security, privacy controls, and processes.

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