Akeneo Selects Google Cloud to Reinvent Product Experience with AI
  • Akeneo to use Vertex AI with large language models to simplify and accelerate its innovation with AI and optimize product experience
  • With Google Cloud and the integration of Unifai, Akeneo intends to reinvent the shopping experience with AI to benefit manufacturers, brands, retailers and customers.

Paris, March 11, 2024 - Google Cloud and Akeneo, a global leader in product information management and product experience, announced today a technology partnership that will boost Akeneo’s innovation and ease the integration of all product information thanks to Google Cloud AI solutions. Leveraging the openness and ease of use of Vertex AI and Google’s large language models like Gemini, Akeneo will continuously enhance the customer journey, enabling a more relevant and efficient product experience.

Creating a richer shopping experience with Vertex AI

With the partnership, Akeneo plans to sharpen its competitive advantage through greater innovation and cost optimization. The company will leverage Google’s AI tools to automatically develop multilingual product descriptions, and will integrate streams of images and videos into product information, whether it already exists, needs to be created, or needs to be adapted to local cultural specificities.

Vertex AI’s ease of managing, adding, and complementing data in real-time will help Akeneo offer an enhanced shopping journey to consumers, making them better informed, with more relevant information, regardless of the channel they choose to complete their purchases.

A new center of excellence in AI dedicated to product experience

Leaning on the technology developed by Akeneo’s recent acquisition of Unifai, which is now integrated into Akeneo’s Product Cloud—and also on the AI expertise and solutions provided by Google Cloud—a new Akeneo AI center of excellence will support the development of best practices, address common AI challenges, and foster the development of new product innovations. The center will provide training sessions and webinars—and will develop white papers and dedicated case studies to help manufacturers, brand managers, and retailers draw the benefits of AI in their product experience strategy.

“With the experts at Unifai and the innovative strength of Google Cloud in data management and AI, we intend to boost the product experience and customer purchasing journey, and reinvent the product information management industry," said Kristin Naragon, Chief Strategy Officer at Akeneo.

“Our customers and Akeneo’s customers will benefit from the openness and innovation our AI technology offers. With Vertex AI, Akeneo is not only accelerating its innovation and transformation capabilities, but also remodeling the product experience industry to better serve consumers in their purchasing journey,” said Isabelle Fraine, Managing Director France at Google Cloud.

About Google Cloud
Google Cloud is the new way to the cloud, providing AI, infrastructure, developer, data, security, and collaboration tools built for today and tomorrow. Google Cloud offers a powerful, fully integrated and optimized AI stack with its own planet-scale infrastructure, custom-built chips, generative AI models and development platform, as well as AI-powered applications, to help organizations transform. Customers in more than 200 countries and territories turn to Google Cloud as their trusted technology partner.

About Akeneo
Akeneo is the product experience (PX) company and global leader in Product Information Management (PIM); creating a world where every product interaction is an experience that guides consumers and professionals to the best purchase, anytime, anywhere. Akeneo empowers business leaders with software, education, and an engaged community all focused on the practice of product experience management.

Leading global brands, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, including Chico’s, CarParts.com, TaylorMade Golf, Rail Europe, Kering, and more trust Akeneo to scale and customize their omnichannel commerce initiatives. Using Akeneo’s intelligent Product Cloud, companies can create elevated product experiences with user-friendly and AI-powered product data enrichment, management, syndication, and supplier data onboarding; as well as a comprehensive app marketplace and partner network to meet business and buyer needs. For more information: https://www.akeneo.com