Humana Group and Google Cloud Collaborate to Improve IT Security in Care

Humana chooses Google Workspace across the Nordic region

STOCKHOLM, May 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Humana Group, one of the Nordic region's largest care companies, and Google Cloud today announced they are joining forces to increase IT security in the healthcare space, improving control over data management and simplifying collaboration for Humana employees in its Nordic organization.

Humana chooses Google Workspace across the Nordic region to improve IT Security in Care

To help improve collaboration across documents, create more secure data management, and provide easy access to key systems from anywhere, Humana will transition to Google Workspace. Google Workspace provides one-click access to collaboration tools such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Docs, Drive, Chat, Meet, and more, and is relied on by more than three billion users and more than 10 million customers. Tools like Drive and Docs will make it easy for staff to safely share and edit files in real time, and Gmail will provide a more secure and reliable email service for the care provider.

"IT security and resilience are of the utmost importance to us. Our employees handle sensitive data, and because they often do not work with computers, it must be easy for them to do the most secure and right thing. Google Workspace is secure and intuitive, and our choice was easy knowing that Google and Gmail haven't had the major security issues that plagued other email providers in recent years," says Adam Nerell, CIO, Humana. 

Management, back office, and care workers will all move to use Google Cloud's platforms and tools. Each care unit, such as elderly care units and treatment homes for the young and adults, will have access to Google Workspace. In addition, employees can design their own routines and rules, and collaborate in a simple and efficient way. 

Moving to Google Workspace also supports Humana's commitment to putting people at the heart of its digital transformation, leveraging technology to support employees better. Another advantage is that many of the older computers will be given new life by being refurbished and equipped with Chrome, adding an additional layer of security.

"We are pleased that Humana has chosen Google Workspace for its secure collaboration needs. Through our work together, we can contribute to making healthcare across the Nordics more secure and efficient," says Eva Fors, Managing Director, Google Cloud, Nordic Region. "With the help of Google Cloud's technology, all Humana employees will be able to connect and collaborate, bringing the organisation closer together and giving time back to employees so they can focus on patients."

"We already see our employees asking questions, and together we are putting a lot of effort into facilitating the onboarding – supporting change and adoption to ensure the best possible transition and experience for our colleagues. We've already received great feedback across our pilot programme," says Nerell. 

The roll-out is taking place throughout April and May in Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

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